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XL Valencia Terrarium 34cm

XL Valencia Terrarium 34cm

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This XL Eco Recycled Glass Terrarium is perfect for those wanting to bring nature indoors. Crafted from Spanish recycled glass, this terrarium is extra-large, allowing for a full eco-system of tropical plants and living moss. For a unique, sustainable way to bring life to any space. Terrariums make the perfect living gift that keeps on giving.

Plants may differ as each mini garden is created individually, dependent on what type of plants are available throughout the year.

XLarge Eco Recycled Glass Terrarium - 34cm high

Easy Care: Closed Terrariums are self sustaining as the plants create their own water cycle. Water droplets condense on the glass of the terrarium, which then rains back down onto the soil. Remove the lid once every 1-2 weeks or if glass becomes too moist, for a day. Then mist and replace lid.

Please note: Due to their fragile nature, ready-made terrariums are available for delivery throughout Greytown, Featherston, Martinborough, Carterton & Masterton using a specialised fragile courier. 

If your order includes a ready-made terrarium, please choose the correct shipping rate; 'Terrarium' (your area).

DIY Terrarium Kits, tools and plant lover gifts can be sent throughout NZ.

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Any order including a ready-made terrarium must be delivered by a fragile courier. Select the correct TERRARIUM shipping rate depending on your area.

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