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Mini Botanics

Teeny Weeny Terrarium

Teeny Weeny Terrarium

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The cutest teeny weeny terrariums in 4 styles, with teeny baby tropical plants. ❤️ 🌱

Nature loving kids will love these easy to care terrariums. No need to water as they create their own teeny eco-system within the vessel. 

Plants may differ as each mini garden is created individually, dependent on what type of plants are available throughout the year.

4 Styles options: (please select your choice)

  • Cork Lid Bottle
  • Wood Lid Bottle
  • Wood Lid Jar
  • Glass Lid Jar

Please note: Due to their fragile nature, ready-made terrariums are available for delivery throughout Greytown, Featherston, Martinborough, Carterton & Masterton using a specialised fragile courier. 

If your order includes a ready-made terrarium, please choose the correct shipping rate; 'Terrarium' (your area).

DIY Terrarium Kits, tools and plant lover gifts can be sent throughout NZ.

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Please ensure that you choose the correct shipping rate.

Any order including a ready-made terrarium must be delivered by a fragile courier. Select the correct TERRARIUM shipping rate depending on your area.

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