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Polka Dot Plant Baby

Polka Dot Plant Baby

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Polka Dot baby plant in 6cm nursery pot.

The Polka Dot Plant, with its splashy foliage, can be a captivating addition to any terrarium. A herbaceous perennial that features brightly variegated leaves. While some leaf patterns will actually have polka dots, others may have more freckles, splashes, or splotches, giving rise to its alternate common name, freckle face plant.

In addition to the traditional white and green leaves, there are other varieties with bubblegum pink or watermelon red variegation. 

The Polka Dot plant loves the high humidity of a terrarium and thrives in bright, indirect light.


Upon arrival, carefully remove all wrapping surrounding your plants and replace any dirt that has fallen out. Your plant will have been on a long journey and probably not handled as carefully as we would like, so it may need a day or two to perk back up.

Keep away from direct sunlight) and mist every few days until you are ready to create your terrarium. 

Any damage to plants during transit must be reported within 48 hours of delivery including photos. Mini Botanics can not be responsible for the plants condition after this time but we are available for any advice required to keep your plants thriving.

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