How to Care for Terrariums During Summer Heatwaves

How to Care for Terrariums During Summer Heatwaves

These summer temperatures can be challenging for our bodies, so imagine what it’s like for the plants in a sealed glass terrarium! As temperatures rise during the summer months, it is important to understand the impact of severe heat on terrariums and how to properly care for them during these conditions. Don’t stress as I have some valuable tips to ensure that your terrarium survives the summer!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Ensure that your terrarium is placed away from direct sunlight. However, your plants need adequate light for photosynthesis. Like all plants, this is a process where they convert sunlight into energy, producing oxygen and promoting growth. So find an ideal place where it will receive adequate light but not direct sunlight which will not only raise the temperature inside the glass, but also damage or kill the plants. Alternatively, you can supplement with artificial light if necessary.

The Greenhouse Effect

We know what it’s like to walk outside from an air-conditioned room and feel like your in an oven. That’s just what’s it’s like for out terrarium plants. The heat that builds up increases the natural condensation process. This causes the plants to perspire creating even more condensation. This is called the ‘greenhouse effect’.

Regulating Moisture Levels

Adequate ventilation is key in preventing overheating. If you find that your terrarium glass is covered in larger water droplets, remove the lid for a few hours. Once the condensation has reduced to a fine mist, place the lid back on. Leaving it off for too long can cause the soil to dry out. Additionally, placing the terrarium in a cooler area of your home away from direct sunlight can help mitigate excessive heat.

Understanding Thermal Cracking

It’s important to keep in mind that extreme temperature changes can cause glass to crack. This is called Thermal Cracking, a process in which glass is damaged after being exposed to uneven or concentrated heating or cooling. The warm glass expands but the cooler areas don’t, and if the glass isn’t strong enough to resist the expanding warm section – it will crack. Devastating!

To avoid this, keep your terrarium away from direct sun, heat sources and draw curtains or blinds at night if your terrarium is by a window. Keep an eye on the condensation levels as too much condensation will indicate the increased temperature inside the glass.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Terrarium All Summer Long

By following these simple care tips your terrarium will thrive and you can admire your adorable mini garden all summer long. Enjoy!

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