The First Step: Choosing the Perfect Terrarium Vessel

The First Step: Choosing the Perfect Terrarium Vessel

There are many elements that you need to get right when building a terrarium to ensure that it will thrive and last for several years. 

When I started out I realised that trial and error can be a long process in getting it right. I searched and searched for the answers, but there were so many differing opinions and advice. So I spent a lot of time trying various techniques, materials and medium mixes, until I found the perfect equation. Through a series of blogs I will guide you through each of the fundamentals, so that you can get it right first time.

First off is choosing your vessel

Choosing the right vessel is crucial when creating a terrarium. The container not only serves as a decorative element but also plays a vital role in the overall health and success of your terrarium ecosystem.

One popular option for terrarium containers is a glass container. Glass containers provide excellent visibility, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your miniature garden from all angles. They also come in various shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options to match your personal style.

When deciding between an open or closed terrarium, it's important to consider the specific needs of your plants. Open terrariums allow for better airflow and are suitable for plants that prefer drier conditions. On the other hand, closed terrariums create a more humid environment and are ideal for moisture-loving plants like tropicals.

Newbie or Experience Terrarium Creator?

Something else to think about is whether you are new to terrarium building or an experienced creator of glass gardens. If you are a newbie; choose a vessel that has room for you to get your hand through the top. This makes it much easier to get everything where you want it and move things around. A medium sized vessel is ideal for starting out.  

I recommend choosing one of the following vessels for your first attempt:

Nature’s Window
Forest Terrarium Medium
Botanist Terrariums
Botanical Terrariums

    Then once you have had a go give one of these a try:

    Forest Terrarium Large
    Forest Terrarium Tall
    Glass Ball Terrarium
    Glasshouse Terrarium
    Glass Garden Terrarium
    Collectors Terrarium
    Valencia terrariums
    Servilla Terrarium

      And when you’re feeling really confident (I mean REALLY confident):

      Esschert Terrarium Bottles
      Servilla Terrarium Bottle 47cm

        Another thing to consider is do you have the right tools for your chosen vessel?

        A tall vessel or one that you can’t get your hand into will need all the essential tools to make your build easier:

        Funnel (with extension of tubing)
        Long Tweezers (part of the optional ‘DIY Essentials Tool Kit’)
        Telescopic Tool Set (Rake & Spade - part of the optional ‘DIY Essentials Tool Kit’)
        Long Dabber (included in DIY Kits)
        Brush (included in DIY Kits)
        Chopsticks or something to make holes to plant (included in DIY Kits)
        Spoon (included in DIY Kits)

          By carefully selecting the perfect container and understanding the basic elements such as open or closed terrariums, soil mix composition, and incorporating a drainage layer, you can create an ideal environment for your terrarium plants to thrive in. 

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